Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Noah Frase

Noah Frase makes pictures that operate in a world somewhere between D&D, Herge, and Andrew Wyeth.  There's something more to what he makes than the pleasing undulation of shapes and lines- his landscapes capture the eeriness of walking through a quiet New England woods-- the creepy woods of childhood/adolescence, filled with the lurking and the unknown, not the benevolent camping/hiking forests of adulthood.

Recently he started a flickr where he posts sketches and odds and ends.  His drawings have taken a turn for autobiography and simplicity, leaning more towards his own brand of observation.  I'm always psyched to check in on what he's been up to.   I really could go on.  He's secretly an excellent painter.  He can draw anything.  Design hides in the webs of spaghetti.  He's the real deal!

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